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Can Danny Amendola Find Consistency in 2014?

Taking a look at Danny Amendola as a darkhorse candidate for consistent play in 2014.


Beginning this week, we'll be answering a question, from a Patriots perspective, posed by Marshall Faulk to the SB Nation blogs. Let's take a look:

The easy answer here would be someone like Tom Brady, Devin McCourty, Julian Edelman, Vince Wilfork, or Jerod Mayo, but I'm going to go a bit outside the box here.

A player that I'm predicting to have a consistent season is wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Amendola was anything but consistent in 2013 - but that was due, in large part, to a series of injuries suffered in training camp and early in the season.

Expectations aren't too high for him heading into this season, but he still looks like a very important piece as the #2 or #3 receiver on the depth chart. With a second full offseason working with Tom Brady, Amendola seemed to be on the same as him throughout training camp and the preseason.

Most won't be expecting Amendola to go out and play a full sixteen games. But at this point, he's got everything to prove. He's been visibly frustrated when asked questions about his health, and he's got a chip on his shoulder because of it. I think he stays healthy, and plays 15 or 16 games. If he can do that, it wouldn't surprise me to see him snag 4-6 receptions a game as a steady force in 3-receiver sets.

What are your thoughts on his potential for 2014?

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