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Patriots vs. Ravens: Final Score Predictions

What are your final score predictions for the Patriots' Divisional Playoff match-up against the Ravens?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

With the Ravens and Patriots kicking off their Divisional Playoff match-up this afternoon, it is time to make our final score predictions. Here's mine:

It has been well advertised this week that the Ravens have the Patriots' number. The Ravens have won two of three playoff games at Foxboro, and were very close to a perfect 3/3 had it not been for a late game gaffe by Billy Cundiff in 2011.

Look, we get it. The Patriots get it. But these are not the same New England Patriots of year's past.

These Patriots are better. In every phase of the game. And they are prepared for everything the Ravens have, despite the apparent delusions of John Harbaugh who told his team otherwise yesterday.

I do not doubt that this game will be a fight. And I do not doubt that the Ravens match up particularly well with the Patriots, especially in the trenches.

That being said, I think that the Patriots will ultimately be too much for the Ravens. They have the talent. They've dealt with the adversity. They are a ready to make a run. Greg's Prediction: Patriots 27 Ravens 20

What are your final score predictions for the game? What are the keys for the Patriots to take down the Ravens, who have arguably become their biggest rival?