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Halftime: Patriots trail Ravens 21-14 in Divisional Playoffs

First half thoughts as the Patriots trail the Ravens 21-14 in the divisional playoffs.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After 30 minutes of football, the New England Patriots trail the Baltimore Ravens 21-14. The Patriots did not have a very auspicious start, trailing 14-0 just over halfway through the first quarter. They could not stop the run, they could not stop the pass.

However, trailing 14-0, Tom Brady and the passing offense put together a remarkable stretch of offensive football. Brady found Rob Gronkowski twice for big gains on the ensuing drive, and capped off the drive with a four-yard touchdown run. In the second quarter, Brady found Danny Amendola for a shoestring catch out of the slot for a touchdown to tie the game at 14.

With less than two minutes remaining, the Patriots were driving and had momentum, before Brady threw a crippling interception to Ravens linebacker Daryl Smith. It was a badly underthrown pass intended for Gronk. Keyed by a highly questionable DPI call on Darrelle Revis, the Ravens capitalized with a Joe Flacco to Owen Daniel touchdown in triple coverage with 10 seconds remaining.

The Patriots played some poor football in the first half, and depsite Brady's gaffe, are somewhat fortunate to be down only seven. They get the ball to start the second half.