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Divisional Round Patriots vs Ravens: GIF of the Week Part 2

The Patriots kept fighting to beat the Ravens. What was the best play of the day?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Not gonna lie, this is the big enchilada for this week. Part one is made of plays that we just had to include. These are the plays you'll never forget.

Tom Brady Takes Matters In His Own Hands

Didn't we determine that whenever Tom Brady has an expletive ridden scramble, the Patriots have an increased chance of victory? I think we proved that scientifically. It doesn't matter that Dan Connolly gets body slammed- he sacrifices his body so that Brady can have an open lane to break into the end zone at a crucial point in the game.

A field goal wouldn't suffice after falling behind 14-0. I think Brady wanted to throw to Julian Edelman, who was quadruple covered, so Brady instead took matters into his own hands.

Danny Amendola Redemption Tour

I saw someone compare Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola to former Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew and I don't think anyone would be a better comparison. Drew was a player who really struggled during the regular season after receiving a fairly substantial contract. He didn't do much, but when the games mattered he played big, with clutch home runs to keep the team's season alive.

That's what Amendola's doing right now. He didn't stand out during the regular season, even though he was the team's #2 receiver in 2013. When Julian Edelman suffered a concussion, Amendola stepped up against the Jets and rekindled the trust with Tom Brady; now there are four main receivers that Brady can trust at any given time: Edelman, Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, and Brandon LaFell.

It's beautiful how it's coming together.

Edelman was a College Quarterback

Hey, did y'all know that Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was a quarterback in college? It's a fun fact that I just discovered, so I thought I'd share it with you.

First, wow what a pretty throw. Second, hah right in Terrell Suggs' face. Third, wait is that Amendola again?!

Oh yes. The Amendola Redemption Tour is playing at Gillette Stadium and he's currently killing it.

Let's be serious, this is a play we all knew would happen at some point in Edelman's career, but kind of gave up on the dream, until Josh McDaniels made the absolute perfect call at an incredibly crucial moment in the game. Kudos all around.

Rainbow LaFell

Where does this throw rank on the Brady scale over the past two years? Has to be right behind the raindrop to Kenbrell Thompkins against the Saints, in the Showponies game, right? Any other plays that top this?

After watching Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning throw duck after overthrow after duck, it really makes you appreciate the skills that Brady has at this point in his career and the fact that he's still striving to get better.

And then there's Brandon LaFell. What a tremendous pick-up he's been. Has he been the #2 free agent signing on the year, behind Darrelle Revis? There's been no one on the Patriots roster that could provide the level of consistency on the outside that LaFell has offered since Randy Moss back in 2009.

Rutgers 3rd Round Pick

Duron Harmon was selected in the 3rd round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots, out of Rutgers. He's a safety. And he just saved the Patriots 2014 season.

Harmon has found a perfect role with the Patriots in his sophomore season, providing an excellent balance with Pat Chung's run stuffing ability, and also allowing the Patriots to feature Devin McCourty in more of a coverage role at the line of scrimmage.

"Du", as his teammates call him, knew exactly where Joe Flacco was throwing the ball. Ravens receiver Torrey Smith didn't even try to go for the ball, and instead opted for a body shot. Didn't matter; Harmon snagged the pick that went a long way to sealing the game for the Patriots.