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Hotels at Patriot Place Follow Bill Belichick Mantra

It's no surprise that Belichick-fever is spreading to throughout Patriot Place.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King attended the Patriots vs Ravens game and he had a great note to share with his readers on his Monday spread.

Stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in the parking lot at Gillette Stadium over the weekend, in the growing Patriots Place complex.

There are Belichickian reminders around the place. Understated sign on one of the entry doors to the hotel, complete with a Patriot logo, and on one of the shops in the mini-mall here:


How awesome is that? There's no question that these stores and hotels have co-opted Belichick's catch phrase for their own benefit, but what if Bill was secretly running the entirety of Patriot place?

What if Belichick actually moonlights as the night manager for the local Renaissance Hotel, barking orders to staff members and awkwardly explaining to guests that sometimes *cough* coffee turns out well, sometimes *throat clear* it turns out poorly, but they have to *phlegm* get better at making the coffee next week *snort*.