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Mic'd Up: Julian Edelman and Terrell Suggs During the Divisional Round Patriots vs Ravens

The NFL mic'd up a player on each of the Ravens and Patriots. Here's their view from the field.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The program Inside the NFL posted their Mic'd Up portion of the Patriots and Ravens game. Baltimore's Terrell Suggs and New England's Julian Edelman were wired up for the game and it's always a fun watch.

You'll get a view on the field of when Tom Brady's eye gets scratched, and how he went from being upset at getting kneed in the head to exploding after getting poked in the face. You see Suggs getting a front row seat for Julian Edelman's touchdown throw. You see Edelman joking with the referees about the Patriots shorthanded offensive formations.

It's great fun, especially because Suggs refers to Brady in person. One Raven even incredulously questions whether the Ravens were trying to go shot for shot with Tom Brady, as if that was the last thing Baltimore wanted to do.

Possibly even more interesting is the Ravens Wired feature, that follows Suggs for 15 minutes throughout the game. It's a very cool feature and shows what happens in the huddles and on the sidelines.