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Patriots Player of the Game: Josh Kline

Who is your player of the game?

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, who was your player of the game? Who exceeded expectations, who won the day, how do you define "player of the game"?

It could be LeGarrette Blount. Tom Brady. Darrelle Revis. Jamie Collins. All are reasonable.

My player of the game is Josh Kline.

This is a player who wasn't expected to play until Bryan Stork was injured last week. It's someone who has been ragdolled against the Jets and Bills. It's someone who had low expectations heading into the game due to past performances. It's also some who has lined up against All Pro players in all of his starts.

The Colts didn't generate any pressure through Kline (the sack went through Dan Connolly). The Patriots ran the ball at will and completely out-physical'd the Indianapolis defense. Kline wasn't mentioned once and that's the highest praise an offensive lineman can receive.

Kline exceeded all expectations and that's why he's my player of the game.

Who is yours?