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Gronk Nominated Twice for Play of the Year

Gronk had a monster year, but the NFL has selected two plays in particular to stand out above the rest.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another dominant season from Rob Gronkowski.

The NFL has officially posted 32 nominees for Play of the Year, and Gronk is on the ballot twice. It shouldn't be too hard to guess which plays were deemed most notable from his 2014 regular season: his one handed catch against the Denver Broncos, and his bowling over the entire Colts defense on his way into the end zone when New England traveled to Indianapolis for their Week 11 Sunday Night matchup. In a season full of monster plays from the big man, those two definitely stand out.

Gronk is up against some stiff competition; also in the running is Devin Hester breaking the return record, Marshawn Lynch going Beast Mode against the Cardinals, and of course, Odell Beckham's absurd one-handed grab. However, he has as good a chance as anybody, and his chances can only increase if Patriots Nation votes for him early and often - which you can do here. The winning play will be announced the night before the Super Bowl during the NFL Honors Ceremony in Phoenix.