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Rob Gronkowski is Unstoppable Delivering Furniture

Gronk does what the heart wants.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Lost in all of the PSIGate madness is the fact that the Patriots are made up of terrific human beings.

Quarterback Tom Brady let his linemen share the spotlight and secured Nate Solder's milestone football while in the background.

Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork helped save a driver who flipped over their vehicle after Sunday's game.

Safety Devin McCourty dedicates a lot of his time with his brother to help raise awareness for sickle cell.

And then there's All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski. He does what Gronk wants and in the best possible way.

Gronk is known for being an active member in the community, providing his goofy smile with an earnestness that can't be denied.

Here's a video of Rob teaming up with Eastern Bank and surprising two people: a regional business owner and then a single mother.

Bob certainly embodies what it means to be a professional role model. Great on the field, and great off it.