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Super Bowl 49 prop bets: MVP odds feature Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski as favorites

The arrival of the Super Bowl means the arrival of prop bets. One of the basic prop bets is who will win the MVP award. We take a look at the notable potential wagers.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Super Bowl XLIX is fast approaching, which means proposition bets are now available for wagering. A prop bet provides an opportunity to wager on a specific aspect of the game. You can bet on everything from the coin toss, to who will score the first touchdown, to the length of the National Anthem.

One of the most basic prop bets is who will win Super Bowl MVP. I have posted a complete rundown of available options, courtesy of The list does not include every possible player, so if you were inclined to bet on somebody not listed, you would simply select the "Field" option. Last year's MVP, linebacker Malcolm Smith, was part of that group.

Somebody will put forth a strong enough effort to claim Super Bowl 49 MVP, and likely tell the world they are headed to Disneyland. More often than not that person is a quarterback, with 26 quarterbacks earning MVP honors in the first 48 Super Bowls. Since safety Dexter Jackson won the MVP award in Super Bowl 37, seven of the 11 MVPs have been quarterbacks. Malcolm Smith won last year, and the other three were wide receivers.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are installed as the best odds among the New England Patriots, at 7/4 and 9/1, respectively. Darrelle Revis has the best odds for a defensive player, at 33/1. Given Russell Wilson's four-interception performance against the Green Bay Packers, Revis might be a decent wager. Shane Vereen at 66/1 is a deeper sleeper option. He likely will not see a ton of carries, but if the Patriots look to their short passing game to combat the Seahawks strong secondary, Vereen could become heavily involved.

Here are the full MVP the odds, courtesy of