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2014 Superbowl Patriots vs Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch Will Not Be Taken Out

The Patriots can try all they want, but the Seahawks will continue to get their running back the ball.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts entered the Patriots game with one goal: keep running back Dan Herron involved.

The Patriots countered in the best possible way: getting far enough ahead that Indianapolis so that Indianapolis had to change their game plan.

The Colts ran the ball nearly 50% of the snaps during a one score game, while their passing plays doubled their rushing attempts in a two or more score game.

The idea is simple; a team far behind will need to throw a lot to pick up chunk yards and close the gap. The Colts were unable to do that.

So the Patriots goal against the less-power Seahawks passing attack should be similar, right? Get far ahead and force them to stay away from their powerback Marshawn Lynch:

Data is from the past two seasons.

Don't think that will work. The Seahawks find a way to keep their game plan of involving Lynch in the offense, which likely helps to their success on both sides of the ball. Seattle will never let the opposition dictate how their offense or defense plays the game, and that's an important mental advantage.

The Patriots, of course, should still try and get far ahead so they can tee in on stopping Lynch, as the New England secondary should be capable of slowing the Seahawks receivers. But just remember that Lynch will always be a part of the game.