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DeflateGate: Adam Schefter Reports NFL Struggling to Find Evidence

ESPN's top reporter is saying that the NFL is having a difficult time finding evidence that the Patriots tampered with the footballs.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Schefter is on television reporting some important information regarding DeflateGate.

Per Schefter, the league might be able to release their findings at some point today. He also says that the NFL is struggling to collect any evidence that the Patriots knowingly affected the football, and that the burden of proof lies with the league to determine guilt. If the league cannot find evidence that the Patriots tampered with the football, then there's nothing that should happen to New England.

It's likely that any league information will wait until after Tom Brady's 4 PM press conference, but early leaks are entirely possible.

This would absolutely be the best case scenario for the Patriots and it would allow everyone to move on and start discussing the Super Bowl that's expected to happen the first week of February.

We'll try to provide footage of Schefter's discussion and if you have video, please post it in the comments section.