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Rob Gronkowski is about to throw Jeremy Lane out of the club

The Seahawks defensive back has something to say about All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks are trying their darndest to stay away from stirring up controversy before the Super Bowl.

Oh boy, did they mess up.

Seattle cornerback Jeremy Lane (their nickelback) had the following to say about Patriots All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski:

"I actually don’t think he’s that good," Lane said. "He’s OK."

"He does have a big body," Lane said, "but from what I’ve seen on tape, he doesn’t like you putting your hands on him. So if we put our hands on him and shake him up a little big, he won’t catch that many balls."

You done goofed, Jeremy.

I believe Lane is used to playing in a conference where tight ends like Jimmy Graham and Vernon Davis can be brushed aside with a little bit of contact. He doesn't realize that Gronk ain't one of those players.

Gronk is a ten foot tall robot sent from the future to score touchdowns and grace us with the disposition of a golden retriever. He is not someone that is merely ok.

Hopefully Gronk will set the stage aflame during the Super Bowl- and I don't think anyone will mind if Lane gets thrown out of the club a couple times.