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Boston D Party T-Shirts!

Get your t-shirts!

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! We're starting to try and come up with great t-shirt ideas for Patriots fans. This is our first and it's for the Super Bowl!

1. These are custom tees, printed on demand as they're ordered, and they normally take up to 10 business days to print and ship and then spend another 2-3 days in transit. You have the option to upgrade to "Hurry," which means they'll give your order priority over non-hurry orders and try to ship within 5 business days, but it's not guaranteed. You also have an option to upgrade to "Rush Guaranteed," in which case they'll ship within 5 business days or they'll return your rush fee. It still takes 2-3 days to arrive after that. Neither of these options will enable you to get it by the weekend. However, they're experimenting with a new get-it-by-the-weekend offer they're calling "Super Weekend Rush." For these, if you order by noon Eastern time on Monday and choose this option, they'll ship it by Wednesday. Although it's out of their hands once they place it with the carrier, it usually arrives 2-3 days later, which means you should have it by Friday or Saturday.

2. As a special offer for Pats Pulpit readers, they're offering a FREE upgrade to Super Weekend Rush shipping for the first 40 people, which means you should get it by the weekend. Here's how to take advantage and figure out whether you're one of the first 40 or not:

A. There are two versions of this shirt. The first has Free Super Weekend Rush auto-enabled. If you're one of the first 40 and you order by noon on Monday, you can access this and buy it and expect it to ship by Wednesday before the Super Bowl. Find out if the Super Weekend Rush version of the Pats Pulpit Finger Wag T-Shirt is still available.


B. If the Free Super Weekend Rush version is no longer accessible, that means 40 people have already bought it. You can still get the tee, but they can't promise they'll have it ready to ship by Wednesday. The regular Hurry and Rush Guaranteed options are still available. Get the Pats Pulpit Finger Wag T-Shirt for delivery shortly after the Super Bowl.

If you ever have a great idea for a t-shirt, feel free to let us know and we'll see what we can do!