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Introducing Patriots Quick Shots on Pats Pulpit

A new addition to our site!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Pulpiteers,

We're trying to find ways to get fans involved beyond the comments section and think that everyone has something worth sharing.

As a result, we've created a section called "Patriots Quick Shots" where we can share images, videos, or links of anything Patriots related you find on the internet. You've had the ability to share information before with FanShots, but we think that great submissions deserve to be highlighted and placed in the foreground.

We added a Quick Shot section on the front page, right below the top five articles on the home page. We hope to add fun new links every day and to make this section one that everyone shares.

So if you ever see a good family friendly picture, video, article, tweet, instagram, Patriots memorabilia, or anything else related to the team, head over to the fanshots section and follow the below directions!


We'll add the best and most fun posts to the Quick Shots section to keep active throughout the year!

We hope to see you around.


-Fellow Pulpiteers