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Super Bowl XLIX New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks: Both Teams Look Healthy

A look at the health of both Super Bowl teams.

Bryan Stork's beard looks healthy. His knee tries to do the same.
Bryan Stork's beard looks healthy. His knee tries to do the same.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

As the New England Patriots head off to Arizona to put the finishing touches on their preparation for Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks, we take a look at the overall health of the team.

The Patriots released an initial injury report leading up to the Super Bowl on Wednesday, even though the team did not practice that day. Starting center Bryan Stork was the only player who would not have practiced due to a knee injury sustained in the Divisional Playoff round. On Thursday, when the Patriots were back on the practice fields inside Dana Farber Field house, Stork was present; participating on a limited basis.

Over the course of last week (and lost amid talk of air pressure inside footballs), the team practiced four times (Thursday – Sunday) and had perfect attendance at each session. In fact, the Patriots seem to enter Super Bowl week without any major injury concerns.

On Friday, both the Patriots and the Seahawks released their final pre-Arizona injury reports. Per Mark Daniels, they looked as follows:

The team, which travels to Phoenix today (after taking part in a send-off rally), held two additional indoor practice sessions on Saturday and Sunday; again, as stated above, with perfect participation. Thus, it can be expected that the Patriots will get healthier – and the injury reports shorter – the closer they approach Super Bowl XLIX.

For the sake of completeness, the Seattle Seahawks also look healthy heading towards the Super Bowl as only one player, starting free safety Earl Thomas, was listed as questionable on Friday's report.