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Seahawks Expected to Have Homefield Advantage At Super Bowl

The Patriots will have to be able to win on the road if they want to claim the Super Bowl title.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks are known for their tremendous homefield advantage, partially due to the structure of their stadium, but mostly due to how raucous their fans can get. They disrupt playcalls for opposing teams and they make it extremely difficult for teams to produce.

It looks as if that homefield advantage might travelo Arizona for the Super Bowl.

For this Super Bowl, Washington residents have outpaced Massachusetts residents 5 to 1 in purchasing tickets online from NFL Ticket Exchange, the league’s official ticket reseller.

This is big news. Multiple reports have surfaced that the Patriots fans are suffering from a "Super Bowl fatigue", which in other words means, "dang these tickets are expensive and we've already been to half a dozen over the past fifteen years, so I'm gonna save up and just make nachos at home."

Still, Seahawks fans will be hungry to help their team repeat and they'll bring an environment that will be harsh for the Patriots.