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2015 Super Bowl prop bets: National Anthem can bring some drama

The National Anthem kicks off the Super Bowl, and you can bet on it! We break down some basic history, as well as the odds surrounding it.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Super Bowl will kick off on Sunday with the National Anthem, as performed by Idina Menzel. While most people will be focused on the action of the game, you are able to bet on two different aspects of the Anthem. You can wager on the length, and you can wager on whether or not Menzel will forget or omit at least one word.

The total time set for the National Anthem is two minutes, one second. The OVER is listed at -130, and the UNDER is listed at -110. That means if you bet $130 on the OVER, you would win $100. If you bet $110 on the UNDER, you would win $100. The average Anthem time of the last nine Super Bowls is one minute, 56 seconds according to Alicia Keys had the longest Anthem at two minutes, 35 seconds. Billy Joel had the shortest at one minute, 30 seconds.

The wager on word omission comes due to Christina Aguilera's flub in Super Bowl XLV. Aguilera skipped an entire verse of the Anthem, and finished right on the total. Some sportsbooks elected to refund the wager due to the controversy created by the situation. For Super Bowl 49, a perfect anthem is installed at -600, while an omission of at least one word is at +400.