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Brett Favre: "Tom Brady Should've Been The MVP"

Patriots fans aren't alone in thinking that the New England quarterback deserved to be MVP.

Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

In a recent interview, future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre went on the record saying that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is "by far" the best quarterback in the league.

So should Rodgers be the MVP? Not so fast.

"Now, that being said, Tom Brady I think should've been the MVP this year just based on how well he played considering the circumstances. I look at it not so much from a stats standpoint, but what you had to overcome and do throughout the year.

I think Tom, of all his years, this is probably the year most people would've said, he shouldn't have been here. In fact, early in the season as you guys know, they were ready to send him off."

Based upon Favre's analysis, the issues that Brady's had to overcome outweighs the statistical output of other quarterbacks when it comes to assessing value.

Brady has worked to develop his game this season, adding a mobility component that had been missing for the rest of his career. He continues to better himself each year and looks to finish the season off with the only award he really cares about: a Super Bowl trophy.