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Marshawn Lynch: Tom Brady is "A God of Football"

The Seahawks running back used to rave about the Patriots starting quarterback.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(h/t YoungChico831)

Do you remember when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch used to be in the Patriots division? The Oakland native was drafted in 2007 by the Buffalo Bills and squared off twice against New England during their perfect 2007 regular season.

Back during the 2007 season, right before the Super Bowlthe website YardBarker met up with Lynch who had the following take on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady:

This is probably one of the best videos of Lynch on the internet. It's amazing- it's a rookie in complete awe of the Patriots attempt of a perfect season, specifically due to the play of quarterback Tom Brady.

However, due to some California slang I completely understand if you didn't catch what Lynch was being asked about. So here's the definition of "hyphy":

adjective US informal

1. extremely rowdy, excited, or energetic.

"the whole club is gonna get super hyphy"

So here's a transcript:

YB: Yo Marshawn, I got a question for you, a serious question about the game.

ML: Yeah?

YB: Tom Brady. Do you think that dude gets hyphy?

ML: What?! Yeeeeah. You don't see the way he play? He's hyphy all the way. He's 100% hyphy. And I respect him, though. Great player, great head on his shoulders, and he makes things happen. You know, that's like...he's like a god of football right now. He's doing something, or he's going to do something that...perfect? That's what they're working on, huh? Perfect? I mean, that's a great accomplishment.

YB: You can't get more hyphy than perfect.

ML: I know, you can't. And I just want to say "what's up?" to him, so I can say that I talked to somebody that was perfect. So, uh, Tom Brady, if you're out there- What's up, man? I see you doing your thing. Continue to do your thing. For real, though.

Yeah, I think Brady gets hyphy.

I think that Brady, the California kid, would appreciate that from Lynch, even if he was a rookie when he said it.