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Super Bowl odds 2015: Heavy money coming on Patriots

The New England Patriots have emerged as a favorite in Super Bowl 49. We spoke with a sportsbook manager to get a better idea of why this is happening.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 49 is fast approaching, and that means plenty of money is coming in on the game. The Super Bowl is the single largest event for betting, both legally and illegally. Whether it be your little office pool, or the numerous online sportsbooks, people are going to find ways to wager on the game.

The line opened with the Seattle Seahawks installed as two-point favorites, but it quickly moved. The New England Patriots are now a one- or two-point favorite depending on your sportsbook of choice, and barring something unexpected, they will head into the game as slim favorites. This would mark the team's fifth straight Super Bowl as a favorite.

We spoke with Kevin Bradley, Sportsbook manager, to get a better idea of why the line has changed.

The instant Pats money early last week I think is a direct relation to the fact that the Pats smashed the Colts and was fresh in people's minds and given Seattle's struggles against Green Bay, I was not surprised to see the public all over them early.

Sportsbooks set the line based on how they anticipate money coming in, both from the public and from "sharps". A sharp is someone viewed as a professional, and thus likely having a better understanding of a sports matchup from a gambling perspective.

Given we are +2 on Seattle, we are seeing some sharp money on them. However, overall still 2/3 of money is on New England and we are comfortable holding that line right now. We will need the Hawks, who are also a great result for us from a futures perspective.