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Welcome to the Playoffs: Saturday Open Thread

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Wild Card Weekend is upon us; the 2014 NFL Playoffs begin.

Now with hopefully less penalties: the NFL Playoffs.
Now with hopefully less penalties: the NFL Playoffs.
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The New England Patriots, thanks to the number one seed in the AFC, are one of four teams (the others being the AFC's number two seeded Denver Broncos, and the NFC's top seeds; the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers) are currently enjoying their bye week. The other eight playoff teams, however, have to play this weekend.

Let's take a look at today's games.

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers

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Panthers coverage: Cat Scratch Reader

Arizona Cardinals 4:35 PM ET (ESPN) Carolina Panthers
11-5 (2nd NFC West) Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte NC 7-8-1 (1st NFC South)
Head Coach: Bruce Arians Statistical Comparison Head Coach: Ron Rivera
24th (19.4/gm) Points Offense 19th (21.2/gm)
5th (18.7/gm) Points Defense 21th (23.4/gm)
16th (0.7/gm) Point Differential 23rd (-2.2/gm)
5th (+8) Turnover Differential 13th (+3)

The Arizona Cardinals (11-5, 2nd NFC West) visit the Carolina Panthers (7-8-1, 1st NFC South) today to kick off the tournament. The Cardinals will start their third string quarterback, Ryan Lindley, today. Lindley enters the playoffs having thrown only two career touchdown passes. The Panthers, on the other hand, are one of two teams in NFL history to host a playoff game with a losing record (the other being the 2010 Seattle Seahawks).

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens 8:15 PM ET (NBC) Pittsburgh Steelers
10-6 (3rd AFC North) Heinz Field, Pittsburgh PA 11-5 (1st AFC North)
Head Coach: John Harbaugh Statistical Comparison Head Coach: Mike Tomlin
8th (25.6/gm) Points Offense 7th (27.2/gm)
6th (18.9/gm) Points Defense 18th (23.0/gm)
6th (6.7/gm) Point Differential 10th (4.2/gm)
14th (+2) Turnover Differential 16th (0)

For the third time this year, the Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5, 1st AFC North) and Baltimore Ravens (10-6, 3rd AFC North) meet. While the first matchup (week 2, in Baltimore) was won by the Ravens 26-6, the last game between the two AFC North foes (week 9, in Pittsburgh) saw the Steelers win 43-23. The Steelers will miss star running back Le'Veon Bell: he has already been declared out for today's game.

EDIT: Feel free to discuss the two games below.

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