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2015 Super Bowl: If you Could Take One Player from the Seahawks

If you could take one player from Seattle and give them to the Patriots, who would it be and why?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Friday injury report has been released and the Patriots and Seahawks both look to be in good position.

Center Bryan Stork is the only "Questionable" player between the teams. Everyone else is healthy, or listed as probable.

The only change in practice reports is that safety Kam Chancellor was added to the Seahawks as limited with a knee injury; Peter King, the Seahawks pool reporter, noted that Chancellor injured his knee on the second-to-last play of practice.

With the injuries in mind, let's answer a question: If you could take any player off the Seahawks for the Super Bowl and add them to the Patriots, which player would it be?

Some might point to Richard Sherman to pair with Darrelle Revis, but do you want Sherman with a hyperextended elbow and a potential child on the way on Sunday?

Or maybe add Marshawn Lynch to the Patriots backfield to stack the cards in the Patriots favor?

Personally, I think adding Seahawks center Max Unger would be the most beneficial. He's a premier player at the position and he's healthier than Stork at this current point- and when he's not on the field, the Seahawks offense sputters.

Who would you select?