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Darrelle Revis on Time and Space: "It Is What It Is"

The Patriots All Pro spent time with Sports Illustrated. It is what it is.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The All Pro cornerback said it three times and each statement made the Patriots fans smile.

It is what it is.

A simple phrase, and one that Bill Belichick uses pretty much daily when discussing events outside of the Patriots control.

Darrelle Revis, the lockdown cornerback who met and maybe even exceeded all expectations, spoke with former Patriots beat writer Greg Bedard over at Monday Morning Quarterback. Revis discusses how his only love is winning, how the Patriots gave him the best opportunity to win a Super Bowl, how he respects Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, and how he loved the fire that Rex Ryan brought to the Jets.

He talks about contracts, and maximizing value, and changing perceptions. His calculated responses make it clear that he's not sure if he'll be around next season- but he'd be thrilled if he was. He's not going to take a discount with the Patriots- but he'll likely only sign with a winner. It is what it is.

Revis, how was it to play with the hapless Jets and Buccaneers, and to tear your ACL, and how has it brought you to where you are today? It is what it is.

Revis, how do you feel about being considered a mercenary, jumping from top contract to top contract? It is what it is.

Revis, your uncle is running against your Players Association Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith, and as a player rep, that means your uncle is running against your boss- how will you face this? It is what it is.

Revis sounds like a proud father when discussing the league's growth in top cornerbacks, but comes across more as rap mogul Jay-Z, compared to Richard Sherman's Kendrick Lamar. He's happy everyone's made it; he's not here to knock players and their abilities.

There was no sign of what the future holds with Revis, but at least he's excited and ready for the now. It is what it is.