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John Harbaugh to Ravens Cornerbacks: Play Like Revis

Why are the two teams being so NICE to each other?!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I think there's something about the winter weather that just makes people...different. The Patriots and the Ravens are postseason rivals that push each other to the limits and ruin each others seasons. This isn't supposed to be friendly. That's not what we wanted at all.

When Ravens head coach John Harbaugh spoke with the media today, he had nothing but praise for everyone.

How's Jonas Gray? "We wanted him back. He left us for New England."

What about Jamie Collins? "I was telling our guys, this is a special player. He's a budding young star."

And what about Darrelle Revis? "He's a tremendously patient corner. We talk to our corners, ‘Watch Darrelle Revis, watch how he plays technique, watch how square he plays, how patient he is. He’s always in the right spot.’ Seems like they run the routes right to him. He has a knack, and he’s as good as he ever was."

So, I guess everyone will be playing nicely.

What about receiver Steve Smith? Ice up son, ammiright? "I have to watch the film and get prepared. They're two great corners and do a great job."

Even Terrell Suggs couldn't find anything to say about Tom Brady or the Patriots.

Fellas, you're making it hard for me to stir anything up. We all know that Bill Belichick isn't going to say anything, so we kind of need our opponents to say something crazy so we can blast it and put it on notice.

Anything? Something? Nothing?

All right. I guess it's back to football.