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2014 Divisional Playoffs Patriots vs Ravens: It's Going to be COLD

Prepare for a day of terrible weather! Just how the Patriots want it to be.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

It's supposed to be zero degrees in Foxboro tomorrow morning, or -20 degrees when factoring in wind chill. That's crazy. That's insane. And I think it's how the Patriots want it.

"I’m a big believer in, ‘I’m not playing the weather,’ so I’m not going to switch my routine up just because of what’s going on outside," defensive captain Vince Wilfork said about the cold temperatures. "Deal with it."

CSNNE's Tom Curran noted that quarterback Tom Brady declared that he has dealing with the cold "down to a science." He also followed that up by saying, "I'm a [bleeping] machine."

The players are ready for the weather over the next few days. At Saturday's kick off, projections show the wind chill factor will make it feel like 9 degrees.

The Patriots have had mixed results in the cold this season, stomping the Broncos 43-21, having a close 17-16 call against the Jets, and losing to the Packers 26-21, all right around freezing temperatures.

The Ravens lost all three regular season road games under 50 degrees, by an average score of 34-19 (against their division rivals since they played both South divisions in the warmth), and they won their only home game under 50 degrees against the Jaguars with a 20-12 score (it was 47 degrees). They also defeated the Steelers in the Wild Card round 30-17 with a temperature of 48 degree at kick off.

Saturday will feel colder. Much colder. That's how the Patriots want it to be.