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Bill Belichick on Defense Pass Interference: "Look for the Ball."

The Patriots head coach understands how important it is for the defense to avoid penalties. Here's how.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

If there's one thing that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick hates, it's dumb penalties. The sorts that can be easily avoided, that are mental mistakes that can be coached away. False starts, offsides, illegal formations- those sorts of things.

It's possible that defensive pass interference is another one of those penalties.

Belichick spoke with CSN's Tom Curran (as reported by Phil Perry) about defending against the Ravens and their league leading ability to draw pass interference penalties- and yes, it's as much about skill as it is about luck.

Back in the dark days of the Patriots secondary (2010 to pre-Aqib Talib 2012), the defense would be hit with flag after flag after flag because they just never turned their heads around to look for the ball. The receivers would draw contact and the ball would be moved to the spot of the foul. It was clock work.

To Bill, this is all avoidable.

Q: Is a defensive back on the outside virtually helpless on an under-thrown ball when a receiver stops short and starts running back? What’s he supposed to do?

BB: Turn and look for the ball.

Q: If you’re running top speed and stop.

BB: Well, the receiver you’re covering slows down, right?

Q: If he slows down.

BB: Why is he slowing down?

Q: For the ball.

BB: Turn and look for the ball.

Vintage Belichick is clearly in playoff form. Go read the article as Belichick actually does a great job of coaching the situation, and how to be aware of backshoulder throws versus pass interference drawing plays.

When it comes to the Ravens this Saturday, defenders can't say they weren't aware of how the Ravens draw penalties. Just turn and look for the ball.