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Week 5 Patriots vs Cowboys: Early Game Open Thread, Pregame Show, and Projections

The Patriots don't play until 4:25 PM EST, but there is plenty of football to enjoy!

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Pregame Show at 12:00PM!

1:00 PM EST

Browns at Ravens: The Ravens are 6.5 point favorites and neither team has been much fun to watch this season. Stay away from this game if you can. This will be a brawl, but not the fun kind. Ravens 21-16.

Bills at Titans: The Bills are the 1-point favorite and I don't know why this is such a close projection. Do the oddsmakers know something about the Titans that I don't? (yes). I see the Bills winning, but to the tune of 27-17.

Rams at Packers: Green Bay is the 9 point favorite and this will match the Packers high flying offense against a freakishly dominant defensive line of the Rams. I wouldn't be surprised if St. Louis watched footage of Aaron Rodgers playing the Bills in 2014. Packers still win, but barely, 24-20.

Saints at Eagles: The Eagles are a 6.5 point favorite and this is going to be a sneaky fun game to watch. The Saints and Eagles are both up against the ropes after limping through the first four games of the season. I think the Eagles win at home in a 30-27 fireworks show.

Washington at Falcons: Atlanta is the 7 point favorite and with Julio Jones playing, I don't see the Falcons suffering their first loss of the season. This is also the reunion of Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who spent 2010-13 at Washington's offensive coordinator. Falcons 34-17.

Seahawks at Bengals: Not sure how this game was scheduled for 1:00 PM, but so be it. The Bengals look like a very good team with Andy Dalton playing the best football of his career. The Bengals are the 3 point favorite and I'm projecting a Bengals win of 27-23.

Bears at Chiefs: The Chiefs are a 9 point favorite and I'm not expecting it to be that close. Matt Forte is quietly leading the league in yards from scrimmage, but without anyone else on that offense, the Chiefs could win walking away. Chiefs 28-13.

Jaguars at Buccaneers: The Bucs are 1.5 point favorites, but this is a potential battle for the 2016 1st overall pick. But, hey, if you're interested in seeing some players that the Patriots might poach before the trading deadline, this could be the game for you. I'm picking the Jaguars 24-19.

4:05 PM EST

Cardinals at Lions: Arizona is the 3.5 point favorite and are one of the most fun teams to watch in the league. I'm riding with a Cardinals rebound victory, 28-20.

4:25 PM EST

Patriots at Cowboys: The Patriots are the 9 point road favorite, which is asinine. But not really. I think the Patriots get out big, but Dallas closing some ground in 4th quarter garbage time. My score projection will be in our pregame show with myself and Alec Shane!

Broncos at Raiders: The Broncos are 4 point favorites. I want to pick Oakland. I really do. But they just lost to the Chicago Bears. Denver wins 24-13.

8:30 PM EST

49ers at Giants: The Giants are 6.5 point favorites. This is going to be either a snoozefest or an absolutely amazing game. The 49ers look borderline incompetent, but the Giants don't have a defense. I still pick Eli Manning in this game, with the Giants winning 21-9.