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New England Patriots Links 10/14/15 - Players, Coaches: Patriots-Colts Just Another Game

Daily news and links for 10/14/15

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  • Karen Guregian looks at the Patriots and Colts since the AFC Championship Game and says the Colts still will have a hard time not getting creamed by Brady & Co.
  • Mike Reiss notes that if the Patriots are approaching Sunday night's game with more of a personal edge, they're not showing it and they're definitely not saying it.
  • Steve Balestrieri (PatsFans) Five first impressions of the Colts.
  • Christopher Price acknowledges Patriots-Colts is always compelling theater, but it's no rivalry.
  • Rich Levine writes the Tom Brady Tour rolls through Indianapolis this weekend, where there will be no mercy.
  • Tom E. Curran points to RB Frank Gore as the most important Colt for Sunday night.
  • Mike Reiss answers his weekly Patriots Mailbag: Did Cowboys provide 'blueprint' to slow the Patriots?
  • Kerry J. Byrne states why ESPN's QBR is 'statistical pixie dust', after the non-mathematical number determined that Brady was one of the worst QBs in Week 5. "This week’s rankings...betray either a bad stat or bias against Brady inside the halls of ESPN."
  • Michael Hurley calls out Gregg Doyel as a blowhard who rode the Hot Take Wave back in January and has loved the attention ever since.
  • Rich Garven notes Belichick has a lot of praise for the special-teams play vs. the Cowboys.
  • Rich Garven reports Matt Patricia feels the Patriots are fortunate to still have Jerod Mayo.
  • Karen Guregian Patriots Notebook: The Patriots players and coaches are playing down the deflategate angle; Tom Brady is a master of the QB sneak, with a 92.6 percent success rate; Matt Patricia cautioned about the big-play ability of the Colts offense; Bill Belichick lauded the play of Frank Gore and Andre Johnson.
  • Christopher Price breaks down the offense after four regular-season games.
  • Christopher Price tracks the Pats penalties through Week 5.
  • Nick O'Malley explains what is a pick play and what isn't, after noting that New England leads the NFL in OPI.
  • NESN gives us the most absurd moments of deflategate.
  • Matt Pepin posts the photo of Tom Brady's dog that Brady put on his Facebook page.
  • The AP reports the Colts are giving the Patriots silent treatment heading into Sunday's game.