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Week 6 Early Games Pregame Show, Picks, and Live Updates

While week 6 offers a pretty poor slate of games, there are some really important games taking place early on.

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Rich and Alec's Pregame Show at 12:00 PM EST!!

1:00 PM EST

Bengals at Bills: Buffalo opened up as a 1-point underdog, but the fact that quarterback Tyrod Taylor won't be available soured the oddsmakers and the EJ Manuel-led Bills are now 3-point underdogs. I'm rooting for the Bengals because why the heck not? Bengals to win a commanding 31-20 victory.

Broncos at Browns: Cleveland is a sneaky 3.5-point underdog, and that line hasn't changed. It's like the oddsmakers are declaring that Denver is going to win by a field goal. Is that really the state of the Broncos offense? A field goal against the Browns? A touchdown on a neutral field? If the Broncos win by anything less than a touchdown, I'll be shocked. Or maybe Josh McCown is the answer. Broncos win 24-14.

Texans at Jaguars: The Jaguars opened as 2-point favorites and have remained as such. J.J. Watt will be playing. Blake Bortles is playing the best football of his life, and the Jaguars actually have some good talent on that offense- and they're playing against an AFC South defense. But then again, Brian Hoyer is throwing to DeAndre Hopkins against an AFC South defense. A divisional paradox! Can both teams score 50 points?! Jaguars win a squeaker, 31-30.

Dolphins at Titans: The Titans opened as a 3-point favorite, but the line has tightened to 1.5-points. Do the Dolphins come out in a commanding way under a new head coach? Or do they fall flat and the whole league will get to point and laugh? The Titans defense has quietly been pretty okay this year. I think the Titans win in a low scoring 16-13 affair.

Washington at Jets: The Jets have grown from a 5.5-point favorite to a 7-point favorite. Washington needs their running game to win. The Jets have one of the most impressive rotations of talent on their defensive line. Is it too early for Ryan Fitzpatrick to turn into a pumpkin? I give him another week. Jets win in a dominating 24-10 performance.

Cardinals at Steelers: Pittsburgh is a 3.5-point home dog, with the line moving to 4.0-points. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won't be available. I'd be shocked if Arizona doesn't win by at least two scores. Cardinals 35-17.

Chiefs at Vikings: Minnesota has shrunk from a 4.5-point favorite to 3.5-points. The Chiefs will be without running back Jamaal Charles with a torn ACL so I'm not sure why the line tightened. I think the Vikings win a quality 23-13 game.

Bears at Lions: Detroit has grown from a 2.5-point favorite to 3.5-points. This projects to be a brutal game, which means that this will undoubtedly be the most entertaining game in the early slot. Turnovers every other down. Blown coverages for big scores. Matt Forte. Calvin Johnson. I'm sold. Lions win their first game of the year 28-24.

4:05 PM EST

Panthers at Seahawks: The Seahawks have grown from a 5.5-point favorite to a 7.0-point favorite. I don't trust either offense. This is going to be a 9-6 snoozefest or something in the Seahawks favor.

4:25 PM EST

Chargers at Packers: Green Bay has grown from a 9.5-point to a 10.5-point favorite. Aaron Rodgers hasn't been perfect and it's clear the offense misses Jordy Nelson. But the Chargers aren't at the top of my list of teams that can beat the Packers at Lambeau. Packers 24-16.

Ravens at 49ers: A Super Bowl rematch of two teams that absolutely dreadful. The 49ers are the 2-point home underdogs, which is really an indictment of the Ravens. Baltimore doesn't have an offense other than running back Justin Forsett. The 49ers defensive depth chart is just called "chart." I trust both the quarterback and head coach of the Ravens more than their San Francisco counterparts, so I'll go with the Ravens in a 18-14 game.

8:30 PM EST

Patriots at Colts: The Patriots opened up as a 7-point road favorite, and that has grown to 9.5-point and up to 10.5-point with some oddsmakers. Quarterback Andrew Luck is going to play. Part of me thinks that if Luck is anything less than 100%, he reduces the Colts chances of victory. Watch our preview show for my predictions!