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Patriots T-Shirt: Bill Belichick is Emperor Palpatine, Join the Dark Side!

Buy the greatest Patriots t-shirt on the market!

The Patriots looked like they were down for a dog fight against the Colts. New England wasn't scoring at will and Indianapolis was hanging around far longer than felt comfortable. This was supposed to be an absolute decimation the Colts, a destruction of Alderaan, if you will.

But then the greatest moment in the Patriots-Colts rivalry happened. A play that was better than the buttfumble because of how intentional it was. A play that made the Colts the laughing stock of the league, even though they played a competitive game. The final score didn't matter. The only thing that mattered is this:

The Colts had been working on this play SINCE LAST SEASON. There's no justification for how terrible of a play this was. The fact that Indianapolis meant to run this play means that the entire Colts coaching staff should be under an official league investigation by Ted Wells.

Or maybe there's another reason.

It was previously discovered that Bill Belichick has cloned himself and he has been controlling plays from the stands. We have to embrace this and let the hate flow through us. The only plausible explanation for the Colts absurd play calling is that Belichick used the force to trick Chuck Pagano into thinking he was making the right call.

There's no other reason that I am willing to accept.

And for that, we have created this shirt, a testament to the Dark Lord of the Patriots.


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