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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 014: The Patriots Defeat the Colts and Prepare for the Jets!

The Patriots have been the best team in football this year, but can they continue their streak against the red hot Jets?

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Patriots are the best looking team in the NFL and they just dismantled another conference foe. The Colts emptied out their playbook and played their best game of the year against a Patriots team that was severely limited by injuries. If they can't win in those circumstances, when can they win?

And the Patriots are heading home for a three-game home stand. Can they continue their streak of victories against a great Jets roster?

1:30: Is Peyton Manning done?

3:55: What are the best teams in the AFC?

6:30: Who else is on the Bengals bandwagon?

9:35: Patriots fans are disappointed by the Colts score.

11:30: How great was the Patriots defense?

14:20: The Colts still lost even though the Patriots were down a billion starters.

19:00: Who was your secret superstar of the day?

21:35: Let's talk offensive line.


28:30: Buttfumble or Funt?

31:30: Let's talk Jets.

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