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Patriots Have 2nd Most Annoying Fans in the NFL

The Patriots only have the 2nd most annoying fans in the league? What?

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

So according to the highly scientific and irrefutable online database The Chive, the New England Patriots currently boast the 2nd most annoying fans in the entire NFL. We currently sit at 8.6K votes, just a shade behind Seahawks fans, who are leading the way with 9K votes, with Cowboys fans right behind us.

I looked at this survey, and then read the breakdown on the equally reputable Brobible site, and couldn't help but think to myself:

2nd? How did we only come in 2nd? And how are we losing to Seattle?

I mean I get it; the whole 12th Man schtick is annoying. Add that to the fact that the vast majority of Seahawks fans you see in the stands and on TV on any given Sunday didn't even know that Seattle had a football team until about three years ago, and I can understand why there may be some folks out there who have had enough of listening to how loud CenturyLink Field is. But can you honestly tell me that Seattle fans are more annoying than Patriots fans? Have a few years of success suddenly usurped a decade and a half of arrogant, smug, obnoxious know-it-allery that New England fans have rooted deep in their souls? If so, then this is a sad day for Patriots Nation. A sad day indeed.

WE have the most annoying fans in the league, dammit, and that isn't a title I'm willing to relinquish without a fight.

So I'm taking this as a wake-up call. Apparently, we haven't been insufferable enough as of late. I haven't been insufferable enough. Being the World Champions is great and all, but what good is a Lombardi Trophy with the knowledge that there is a fan base out there more annoying than we are? I don't know about any of you, but I'm not going to stand idly by while the Northwest gets the edge over the Northeast.

So get out there, everyone. Get back to work. Return to your roots, doing whatever it is you have been doing over the past few years that makes 31 other fanbases' blood boil. There's an NFL title the Patriots down own at the moment, and it's time to reclaim what's ours.