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Which Quarterback Would You Want for 1 Play, 1 Drive, 1 Game, and the Next 10 Years?

The moment you realize Tom Brady is your quarterback.
The moment you realize Tom Brady is your quarterback.
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I was surfing about YouTube and stumbled upon a video of Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah debating over which QB they would want for one play, one drive, one game, and for the next 10 years. I don't necessarily agree with their choices, which I'll get to later, but the idea here is you pick a quarterback who you want for a particular situation when your team has to have it. I figured I would extend the debate here and see what opinions you guys would have.

These were their picks

Category Daniel Jeremiah Bucky Brooks
1 Play Aaron Rodgers Ben Roethlisberger
1 Drive Tony Romo Tom Brady
1 Game Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers
10 Years Andrew Luck Cam Newton

The pretense to the situation is you get the Patriots offensive scheme, offensive line, and skill personnel. The opponent is the Carolina Panthers, since they are the top rated NFC defense from my Rankings Top 10. For each situation, you can choose any of the 32 Week 1 starting QBs in the NFL. However, the twist here is you cannot pick the same QB twice, so that means you can't pick Tom Brady for all 4 categories. You can only use the G.o.A.T. once for your situations.

These are my picks for each individual situation:

In a 4th and Goal at the 10 yard line and trailing by 4, the obvious call is passing into the end zone, but the defense is dropping at least 6 defenders into the end zone. Some teams will bring pressure and others will try to beat you with coverage. In this situation, you need a QB who is good at diagnosing the defense from the pre-snap phase and have an answer for both a overload blitz and a potential 8 man coverage. In this situation, you need a QB who can throw into tight windows and a quick release. For that, I pick Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

When you absolutely need a TD drive when trailing by 4 and starting at your own 20, you need someone who can make things happen despite a lot of noise around him. Blitzes will be thrown at you left and right and you need to stay calm and continue your progressions. You need a QB who is willing to take what the defense gives but also able to attack down field when opportunities arise. For this situation, I choose Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben has already done this before in Super Bowl XLIII, so I'm going with experience over talent.

Now if you're starting from the opening kickoff of a Super Bowl, you need someone who can perform in big games and a history of winning those games. In essence, you need a QB that can also get it done in the first two categories. For an entire Super Bowl, I pick the man with 4 rings and 6 appearances in Tom Brady. Brady has more experience in big games than any other QB with a 166-47 regular season record and a 21-8 playoff record. Brady is two drops away from 6-0 in the Super Bowl and led 4th quarter comebacks in Super Bowl XXXVIII, XLII, and XLIX. He led game winning drives in Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVII, and XLIX, finishing as the Super Bowl MVP in those three games.

If I'm starting a franchise and have the choice of a QB for the next 10 years, I'm taking Teddy Bridgewater. If backups were in the pool for QBs, I'd take Jimmy Garoppolo. Since he's not, I'm going with TBH20. Bridgewater is at his best in a quick passing game but can also stretch the field with down field passing. In this situation, I'm putting Bridgewater in the Patriots 2015 offensive personnel and scheme and moving forward from there. The scheme would change a bit with a different QB, but it still relies on QBs and WRs being able to read defenses and where precision is more important than ever.

Now let's see what QBs you'd go with. Remember you can't choose twice even though picking Tom Brady for all 4 situations would make sense.