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Week 7 Patriots vs Jets Best and Worst Plays: Tom Brady Runs For Days

Tom Brady had the best play of the day, but he made it with his feet.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Best Plays of the Day

5. Tom Brady completes an 8-yard pass to Danny Amendola on 3rd and 6 (+3.07 EPA). Amendola converted three 3rd-and-long situations on the day, including two in the 4th quarter.

4. Chandler Jones sacks Ryan Fitzpatrick and forces a fumble that is recovered by Dont'a Hightower on the Jets 19-yard line (+3.37 EPA). The defense struggled after this opening drive, but the strip sack helped set the Patriots up with an early lead.

3. Tom Brady dives up the middle for a 1-yard touchdown run on 4th and 1 (+3.45 EPA). The Patriots needed some fire after picking up just one yard on three plays from the 2-yard line. James White picked up a yard, while two passes to Rob Gronkowski yielded zero yards. Brady did it himself.

2. Tom Brady completes a 27-yard pass to Julian Edelman on 3rd and 17 to get beyond midfield (+3.48 EPA). The Patriots were trailing 20-16 and they needed a huge play in a bad situation. Edelman picked up 10 more yards than the Patriots needed.

1. Tom Brady scrambled for 11 yards to the goal line on 3rd and 10 (+3.62 EPA). This was the moment that Tom Brady entered the game after looking fairly dejected for the first quarter and a half of the game. It was also the biggest play of the day.

The Patriots had the five best plays on the day.

Worst Plays of the Day

5. Justin Coleman commits an illegal use of hands penalty that gave the Jets a new set of downs from the Patriots 4-yard line (-2.18 EPA). Fortunately, the Patriots were able to stop the Jets and hold them to a field goal.

4. Ryan Fitzpatrick completes a 9-yard touchdown pass to Chris Ivory (-2.23 EPA). The Jets took the lead and were able to force the Patriots into a difficult comeback situation in the fourth quarter.

3. Nick Folk converts an onside kick, recovered by receiver Brandon Marshall (-2.32 EPA). The Patriots could have put the game away with a recovery, but Tavon Wilson knocked the ball backwards and away from any New England player. Good thing the Jets messed up the end of the game with a false start.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick completes a 23-yard reception to Eric Decker on 3rd and 7(-2.56 EPA). This was two plays prior to the Chris Ivory touchdown reception at #4. Decker was a 3rd down conversion machine.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick completes a 24-yard reception to Eric Decker on 3rd and 10 (-2.82 EPA). This was early in the first quarter and it tilted the field position from a possible punt deep in Jets territory, to a Jets first down on the New England side of the field.

Decker completed an ugly four 3rd down conversions. The Jets sacked the Patriots twice on third down.