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Patriots Fans Making Very Strong, Very Annoying Push

When in doubt as to the state of the NFL, look to the children.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Towards the end of last week, I expressed my extreme displeasure over the fact that somehow, Patriots fans were only considered the 2nd most annoying fanbase in the NFL. Anybody with half a brain that there is no fan base more insufferable than New England's, and so to be placed below Seattle was an insult that I took quite personally. And in my article, I gave a strongly worded call to action for any and all Pats fans out there to step the game up and reclaim what's rightfully ours.

Which is why I couldn't be more proud of the children of the region who took time out of their busy school days to share some thoughts with the NFL on the Patriots, Tom Brady, and Deflategate. The NFL Network and CBS aired the segment just before kickoff, so if you tuned in late, you might have missed it. But fear not; you can watch it here.

Well done, kids. Well done.

THAT'S how you act if you're a Patriots fan. THAT'S the level of self-righteous indignation you put on full display to send other fanbases into a rage. It's interviews like that that ensure that terms like Cheatriots and classless and scumbags and "oh sweet Lord how I loathe the Patriots" never go out of style.

I think that the best part of that video was that all of the kids interviewed have yet to exist for a single minute on this planet when the Patriots weren't dominant. Some of them might have yet to see a single season in which the Pats didn't rack up at least 10 wins. Winning is all they have ever known and because of that everything they had to say came from a very genuine place, which makes it all that much sweeter. There are middle aged men out there who have never even seen their team make the Super Bowl, let alone win one, and here we have these kids who have had more Boston sports championship parades than they have had birthdays. If that display, on national television, before a game in which the Patriots absolutely housed the Dolphins, doesn't get us back on top of Mount Annoymore, nothing will.

So hats off to you, kids. You did your region, your team, and your fellow fans proud. We are just the worst, and there's nothing any of you can do about it.

Well...actually, there is.  You can take to the internet to express your outrage. Fill the Twittersphere and the comments sections to the brim. I can promise you the Patriots and their fans will keep working hard to give you plenty of material.