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Bill Belichick Hates Giving Compliments

Our friend Kevin Clark at the Wall Street Journal has an amazing Bill Belichick story to share.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When Bill Belichick was interviewed for the NFL Network special Do Your Job, he had to better explain the catchphrase that became the namesake for the documentary.

"Maybe the one word that isn't in that, that's implied, is do your job well," Belichick stated. "It could be enough to make the difference."

For Bill, a player doing their job isn't worthy of praise. It's a base expectation that every player must fulfill if they want to stay with the team. The players know it, and that's why they value the moments that Belichick tells them they made a good play- because the play must have been outstanding to receiver notice.

Kevin Clark of the Wall Street Journal documented an amazing look at the Patriots players and their hunt for Bill Belichick's approval.

"Jacksonville, 2009," said defensive end Rob Ninkovich, who has played for the Patriots for the last seven seasons. In that game, he had three tackles and helped stuff then-Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. "I made a play, the next day he said ‘that's a good job.' It was a great feeling."

The whole article is a great read. Go check it out.