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Talking Pats/Cowboys with Blogging the Boys

Alec Shane heads over to Blogging the Boys to discuss the upcoming matchup between Dallas and New England.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

This week I was invited over to our Dallas SB Nation affiliate, Blogging the Boys, to talk Patriots, Cowboys, and the upcoming matchup this Sunday. Landon McCool and Rabblerouser (whether or not those are their actual names is anybody's guess) host a weekly podcast in which they cover all things Cowboys, and since the teams are set to face off this weekend, I was asked to stop in and say hello.

We talked about the New England offseason, how the younger players on the roster are shaping up, what New England's offensive/defensive plan of attack will be, and what the Cowboys will need to do against Tom Brady and the Patriots' vaunted passing attack if they want to come away from this game with a win.

(Note to Greg Hardy: making comments about Brady's wife and Brady's wife's sister was not part of that gameplan.)

Check out the podcast here. You can fast forward to about the 72 minute mark if you just want to hear yours truly ramble on for a few minutes, but there's some pretty solid insight throughout.

Thanks to Landon and Rabblerouser for having me on.