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Week 8 Patriots vs Dolphins Best and Worst Plays on the Day: The System is Broken

The Patriots defense and special teams helped to carry the day!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Best Plays

5. Logan Ryan intercepts a Ryan Tannehill pass and returns it one yard to the Miami 39-yard line (+3.65 EPA). The Patriots held a 9-0 lead at this point and turned this interception into three straight touches for LeGarrette Blount and a 4th and 1 in the second quarter. The Patriots suffered a false start penalty, leading to a Stephen Gostkowski 52-yard field goal.

4. Tom Brady completes a 16-yard touchdown to Julian Edelman (+3.66 EPA). This was one of the greatest moments of the season. Tom Brady was sacked for a 7-yard loss with 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter. This game was over. Brady, furious, slammed the ball into the ground in frustration. The very next play he hits Edelman for a touchdown. Brady is consumed by his anger this year and it's incredible.

3. Tom Brady completes a 47-yard touchdown to Rob Gronkowski (+4.54 EPA). Is there any better way to start the game? The Patriots scored on the 10th play of the opening drive, after Dion Lewis converted a 3rd and 16. Gronk Gronk'd his Gronk into the end zone for a Gronk Gronk.

2. Duron Harmon intercepts a Ryan Tannehill pass and returns it 30 yards to the Miami 15-yard line (+4.92 EPA). Three plays later, Tom Brady completed a 10-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman to ice the game. Harmon has really become a key free safety for the Patriots.

1. Andrew Franks misses a 63-yard field goal right before the half (+4.98 EPA). The system is broken!!! The calculation doesn't seem to account for the fact that there was 1 second on the clock at the time of this play, meaning that there was no chance for Patriots points after the miss. Oi.

The Patriots had twelve of the fourteen best plays on the day. Enough said.

Worst Plays

5. Ryan Tannehill completes a 25-yard pass to Jonas Gray (-2.19 EPA). The system is broken again! This was the final play of the game. Gahbage time yahdage.

4. Jarvis Landry returns a kickoff 50 yards to the 50-yard line at the start of the 4th quarter (-2.26 EPA). The Patriots responded with a 10-yard Rob Ninkovich sack, an 8-yard Rob Ninkovich sack, and then the Dolphins retaliated with a 3-yard checkdown pass to Jonas Gray. Punt.

3. Ryan Tannehill completes a 15-yard pass to Rishard Matthews on 3rd and 11 (-2.34 EPA). The Dolphins had a 3rd and 1 called back for offensive holding, to force a 3rd and 11. The Patriots struggled on third down against the Jets and this was their first test against Miami. The Dolphins converted it. Don't lie you felt sick to your stomach when this happened. The Dolphins converted just one other third down on the day.

2. Ryan Tannehill completes a 6-yard pass to Dion Sims on 4th and 5 (-2.46 EPA). This was the Dolphins final converted play on the Patriots side of the field. They followed it up with three incompletions and a Devin McCourty sack for a turnover on downs in garbage time.

1. Ryan Tannehill completes a 29-yard pass to Jordan Cameron (-3.39 EPA). I don't care which team you support, this was an awesome play:

Anyone else absolutely terrified with the idea of Malcom Brown barreling up the middle of the field? The Patriots had swarms of players on both ends of the play and the Dolphins still converted it. This was a gorgeous throw.