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Week 9 Patriots vs Washington Best and Worst Plays: Turnovers are UGLY

Turnovers kept the Patriots out of the end zone and kept Washington in the game.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Best Plays

5. Tom Brady completes a 5 yard pass to Julian Edelman on 4th and 2 from the Washington 33 yard line (+2.51 EPA). The Patriots came out firing, converting a key 4th down on their opening drive, setting up a touchdown.

4. Tom Brady completes an 18 yard touchdown to Brandon Bolden on 3rd and 8 (+3.78 EPA). Bolden stepped up in a big way after the loss of Dion Lewis, but Brady threw one of the prettiest throws in his career for the final nail in the coffin.

3. Alan Branch forces a fumble from running back Matt Jones at the New England 42 on 3rd and 2, recovered by Rob Ninkovich (+3.88 EPA). Both sides were playing sloppy football, but this was a big turnover to open up the second half.

2. Tom Brady completes a 48 yard pass to Brandon LaFell on 3rd and 8 (+4.27 EPA). This was a punt that Brady was lucky LaFell was able to corral. Washington absolutely misplayed the ball at every step of the route and LaFell picked up major yardage.

1. Logan Ryan intercepts Kirk Cousins on the Washington 41 and returns it to the Washington 28 yard line (+4.38 EPA). This happened the play immediately after Julian Edelman coughed up the ball just outside the Washington red zone. This was a game-dictating interception.

Worst Plays

5. LeGarrette Blount fumbles the ball on the Washington goal line on 3rd and 1, but manages to recover (-2.13 EPA). Sloppy, sloppy football.

4. Kirk Cousins completes a 13 yard pass to Jamison Crowder on 3rd and 11 (-2.21 EPA). I want to call this garbage time, but this is a down and distance the Patriots defense would like to be able to stop in any situation.

3. Will Blackmon forces a fumble on Julian Edelman at the Washington 26 yard line (-2.82 EPA). The Patriots were driving and Washington couldn't stop anything until this play. Edelman's ball control has been frustrating for Brady, but it shouldn't have a long term repercussion.

2. Kirk Cousins completes a 36 yard pass to Pierre Garcon on 3rd and 9 (-3.56 EPA). The Patriots third down troubles need to be rectified as soon as possible.

1. Keenan Robinson intercepts Tom Brady at the Washington 10 yard line and returns the ball 44 yards (-5.82 EPA). Somehow Washington was unable to pick up any points from this turnover, but this was Tom Brady's ugliest interception of the year.