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Former Patriots receiver Wes Welker finds a new home

Wes Welker finds a home with the St. Louis Rams.

Elsa/Getty Images

The New England Patriots’ all-time reception leader has a new home.

After trying out for the St. Louis Rams, Wes Welker, 34, has signed a one year contract with the team.

The move makes sense for the Rams. St. Louis is the league’s worst third down team. And while adding Welker certainly will not cure their offensive woes, perhaps that is an area he can assist despite his diminished quickness and ability to separate.

While the risk is minimal for the Rams, it could be significant for Welker considering his recent history with head trauma. He suffered three concussion in less than a calendar year with the Broncos, and could have several more from his career with the Patriots (seriously, how many times did we all say “how did he get up from that?”).

Say what you want about Welker, the Super Bowl drop and his departure – but his production in New England was ridiculous, and New England fans should wish him well. You just have to hope that continuing to play doesn’t jeopardize his long-term health. He clearly wants to play at all costs, and may not be seeing the big picture.