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Week 10 Early Games Pregame Show, Live Updates, and Open Thread

The Patriots are playing at 4:25 PM EST, but other games are worth watching!

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Alec and Rich's Pats Pulpit Patriots Pregame Preview at 12:00 PM!


Around the league

The Patriots are playing the afternoon, so we get to watch some other teams in the 1 PM games.

The Ravens host the Jaguars in what should actually be a fairly competitive game between two teams that are fighting for respect.

The Steelers host the Browns in what should be a hard fought divisional game.

The Titans host the Panthers in what should be a spanking.

The Rams host the Bears in what should be a quietly fun game to watch.

The Buccaneers host the Cowboys in what should be a quietly boring game to watch.

The Packers host the Lions in what should be a tragic loss for Detroit.

The Eagles host the Dolphins in what should knock Miami out of divisional contention.

Washington hosts the Saints in what should be New Orleans' attempt at getting back to .500.

Or you could check out everything we've covered over the past week.

Patriots vs Giants Weekly Summary

The Patriots are welcoming back Super Bowl standout Shane Vereen, and our film review shows that he hasn't changed since the Giants offense is pretty similar to the Patriots.

The Patriots don't lose in the second half of the season.

Mike offers his game plan and his X-Factors.

Greg introduced the Giants and showed their rankings around the league.

We spoke with Big Blue View and they answered five questions.

Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount are going to have a big day in fantasy football.

Bernd looked at the possible replacements for Dion Lewis, but highlighted that Tom Brady has been so good it might not matter.

If you have time, listen to Alec and Rich's podcast!

Can you predict the final score?

Here's how to watch the game.