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WATCH: Patriots Fans Celebrate Beating the Giants on an Airplane

How did you celebrate?

I was sitting in my office, legs kicked up, eating some salted peanuts. I had already started my "Three Scrubs of the Game" article after the Giants moved the ball towards the Patriots goal line and towards an inevitable score and a, quite frankly, unimaginative storyline.

Yeah, yeah, the big bad Patriots had a lead after struggling with the Giants pass rush, but the defense blew it in the final seconds because Eli and Peyton Manning combine to make one good quarterback, and Peyton decided to take the day off. Where have we heard that one before.

But then the Patriots held the Giants to a field goal and Tom Brady got his chance to respond. Never count out Touchdown Tom. Or Field Goal Tom. Any points would be nice.

Brady walked the Patriots down the field and Phil Dunphy Stephen Gostkowski knocked through an incredibly impressive field goal to win the game. I had to delete all of my articles and start over. Serves me right.

But this video of a bunch of Patriots fans on an airplane takes the cake. How awesome would it be to celebrate with a bunch of strangers?

This Jet Blue flight was filled with Patriots fans. See their reaction as Stephen Gostkowski makes the winning kick.

Posted by WCVB Channel 5 Boston on Monday, November 16, 2015

Maybe there'll be another Mile High video in two weeks.

What was going through your head after Brady's goal line interception, and everything that followed?