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Tom Brady Was Really Upset After the Patriots Came Back to Defeat the Giants

The Patriots quarterback was emotional after Sunday's victory.

There are multiple emotions that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could have felt after the comeback 27-26 victory over the New York Giants.

He could have felt elated, having driven down the field to set up the game winning field goal.

He could have felt relieved that his goal line interception didn't sink the Patriots position in the AFC playoff race.

He could have felt angry since he didn't play up to his normal standards.

Watch the Patriots postgame locker room video. What do you see?

You see a Brady that is very, very upset. I think there are multiple layers to why he wasn't thrilled with the Patriots victory.

I think Brady is upset over his performance as he could have let the team down with that interception on the goal line. This is how Brady reacts when he's mad at himself- he retracts. When Brady is mad at someone else, he lets them hear it. When he feels helpless because of external controls, he stews. But when he's mad, he gets sullen and sits by himself.

Brady Sad

I think Brady is upset because he's watching his offensive unit fall apart with injuries and he doesn't want to use that as an excuse. He knows he can make the plays with the back-ups, and the third stringers, but he wasn't perfect on the day.


I think Brady is upset with the injury to Julian Edelman because of how close they are and that this hurts Tom on a personal level. He wants his friend to be okay and he knows that Julian wouldn't leave halfway through the game unless it was serious.


Brady is upset and he will turn this into increased focus. The second half of the season is underway and Brady is upset. The only way he'll feel better is when he leaves opposing defenses in ruin.

Watch the locker room video here.