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Week 10 Patriots vs Giants Quarterback Strike Zone: Offensive Line Leaves Tom Brady Off Target

The Patriots have put kindling for an offensive line in front of Tom Brady and it's affecting the whole team.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hasn't continued to post video game numbers behind his makeshift offensive line, and that's fine. No one should expect Brady to throw for 400 yards, 4 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions when he can't expect more than two seconds in the pocket.

But how has the the offense changed with the different personnel? Which player has stepped up with the loss of Dion Lewis? All of these are answered with the Quarterback Strike Zone.

Tom Brady ignored the right side against Washington

After Sebastian Vollmer went down with a head injury, the Patriots didn't draw up a passing play over Bryan Stork and the right side. The passes in the second half went to the left side, with just one slip screen to a running back towards the middle-right side.

Tom Brady heavily featured the right side against the Giants

Just one week after ignoring the right side, Brady, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski connected multiple times towards the right. Brady really tried to throw away from Jason Pierre-Paul's direction and Amendola did a wonderful job of being in the right place at the right time on the right side.

Quick passes were too early and ahead of his receivers.

Brady threw over five passes wide of his receivers on quick routes as he was trying to get the ball out before the pressure made it home. Unfortunately, this completely disrupted the timing and the ball was getting to the catch point before the receiver.

Danny Amendola will be the team's new leading receiver

Amendola was asked to replace Dion Lewis in the offensive production and now he's going to fill in for Julian Edelman. The targets will probably trickle from Amendola, to Rob Gronkowski, to Brandon LaFell. This is still a good trio of receivers.

Aaron Dobson deserves some extra targets

Dobson continued to find a way to get open, but Brady couldn't get the ball to him. Brady has the highest rate of bullseyes when throwing Dobson (76%) and that's impressive because Dobson has been running the deeper routes, versus the shallow crosses of Edelman and Amendola. I still have no idea why the Patriots don't let Dobson run similar routes to Demaryius Thomas. Get the ball in his hands and see what he does after the catch.

Brady's Accuracy Statistics

Of the targeted passes (not including throwaways and batted passes) Brady has thrown 70% bullseyes and 20% in the strike zone for a 90% accuracy rate. 10% of his passes have been off target.

Brady has a 68% accuracy rate on throws 20+ yards down the field, 83% on passes between 10-20 yards, 92% on passes between 0-20 yards, and 98% on passes behind the line of scrimmage.

His accuracy rate to the left is 90%, to the middle is 92%, and to the right is 83%.

Brady has an 85+% accuracy rate in all zones under 20 yards, other than passes towards the right side between 10 and 20 yards down the field. He has a low 68% accuracy rate on these passes.