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Week 11 Thursday Night Football Titans at Jaguars: For the Love of the Game

Are you ready for some footbaaaaaall?



The (2-7) Tennessee Titans are heading to Jacksonville to take on the (3-6) Jaguars in a divisional slugfest with a chance for the divisional title on the line! The Jaguars are one game back from the division lead, and the Titans are looking to claw back into contention.

The Titans offer a stingy defense, while the Jaguars have an explosive offense, and both teams can put a lot of points on the bo...

Sorry, this is going to be an awful, awful, awful, terrible, bad, no good, disgusting display of football and I preemptively apologize for the game. The Patriots play the Titans in week 15, so I guess this could be considered scouting, but by that point Tennessee fans will probably be hoping to lose games for a better draft position.

Kick off is at 8:25 PM EST on the NFL Network. Use this thread for the live discussion.