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Week 11 Patriots vs Bills: Rex Ryan Says the Patriots Have Won the AFC East

The Bills head coach has conceded the division to the Patriots.

Well isn't this a change of pace? Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has conceded the AFC East to the New England Patriots.

"They're going to win the division," Rex said about the Patriots in his press conference on Thursday. "I don't see them losing four games."

"I'm just telling you the facts."

Well that's certainly nice and a different version of Rex than what we're used to hearing. When asked about his interest in playing the Patriots on Monday Night Football, he replied "I would much rather play somebody else."

This type of Rex seems too calculating for my liking. It's like he's scheming to try and get the Patriots' guards down. It's not going to work, but at least it's a different angle than what he normally does during Patriots week.

It's not likely that the Patriots are going to lose the division, so Rex is correct on that front. It would take a collapse of historic note for New England to not clinch the division. But the Patriots had better be ready- this seems like a different kind of Rex.