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Know Thyself: Patriots Biggest Offensive Weakness is Running Back Depth

The Patriots are playing with fire when they only hold three running backs on the roster.

The New England Patriots have a hole at running back moving forward. While LeGarrette Blount provides fantastic ability between the tackles- and he's been running with more apparent purpose and improved pad level than he had been earlier this season- the depth at the running back position is cause for concern.

Blount, James White, and Brandon Bolden. Those are the running backs on the roster, without any extra player sneaking on the practice squad. The team believes that Bolden offers value to back-up both Blount and White (White had nearly 3-times the snaps that Bolden saw against the Giants), but that value isn't great. Bolden struggles between the tackles, and there's a reason he has been behind every third down back that's ever been on the roster.

What happens if any of them are injured? Is there a bat signal for Jonas Gray? The entire success of the rushing game hinges on these players, and White was a back-up himself just a couple weeks ago.

This isn't an argument that the Patriots need to go and sign Pierre Thomas today, or that they should've acquired someone at the trade deadline. But it's definitely a concern that the team doesn't have an extra body in the pipeline in case an injury occurs to the already-thin depth chart.

And the position is also of some concern moving forward. Blount is a free agent, while Dion Lewis will be coming off an ACL injury. White will have the rest of the season to prove his worth, or else it won't be a surprise if and when the Patriots select another running back in the middle of the 2016 NFL draft.