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Gametime Decision: Should the Patriots Play Bryan Stork or David Andrews?

As the Patriots offensive line heals, the coaches have an interesting decision to make.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have a good problem on the offensive line. With Sebastian Vollmer, Marcus Cannon, and Tre Jackson looking like they'll return to the field in the near future, the Patriots won't have to play Bryan Stork at right tackle anymore. Stork won't even be the top back-up, with Cameron Fleming playing well on both sides of the line.

So this leaves Stork up in the air. Where does he go? Is he a super-sub? Does he rotate around the line?

"He's just a football player," head coach Bill Belichick says of Stork.

Stork was the starting center for the Super Bowl champion team of 2014 as a 4th round rookie, but Bill Belichick has proven time and time again that draft pedigree doesn't mean much, unless you're contributing on the field. Since Stork was sidelined with a neck injury for the first half of the season, undrafted rookie David Andrews has played every single snap and he's played well enough.

When Stork returned to the field, he rotated in at guard, played center in a goal line package, and ultimately stepped in at tackle due to an injury to Sebastian Vollmer. Belichick planned on using Stork across the formation, but it didn't seem like Stork was going to be given the center position.

With the Patriots undefeated, and with the center such a key role on the line, it's not likely that the Patriots will rotate like they did at the guard position earlier this season. Perhaps Stork will take specific packages, where his larger frame (6'4, 315 lbs vs 6'2, 295) provides more value.

Personally, I believe that we saw last week against the Giants why Andrews might not be the long term solution at the position. While Andrews has played very well this season, he was overpowered on multiple occasions by Cullen Jenkins, the Giants nose tackle. Stork has better functional strength and size for the role.

That said, I would completely understand the decision to leave Andrews in for the rest of the season, or until his play is no longer viable for the line. He hasn't give many reasons to be benched and has been a solid contributor in the interior.

If you were Belichick, which player would you start at center, and why?