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Week 11 Early Games Predictions and Patriots Rooting Guide Open Thread

Here is your rooting guide for the Week 11 1:00 PM EST games!

Rams at Ravens (-3): We are reaching a point in the year where Baltimore is out of the AFC playoffs and now we don't want them to get a top draft pick. Here we go Baltimore!

Washington at Panthers (-7.5): I'm rooting for Carolina to remain undefeated for the sake of a great storyline. Game doesn't really affect the Patriots since Washington already lost to the Jets and Dolphins, so strength of victory won't really play too much of a factor (unless the Bills lose in week 15, which would be hilarious).

Broncos (-1) at Bears: Yeah, even the oddsmakers think this will be a close battle as Denver faces their former head coach John Fox. Easy to root for the Bears here.

Cowboys (-2) at Dolphins: Go Dallas, go! A home loss by the Dolphins would just add further distance between the Patriots and the Dolphins. Last thing the Patriots want in week 17 is a Miami team that is a game out of the playoffs.

Raiders (-1) at Lions: The Lions are going through a lot. Would you rather see the Raiders in the playoffs than another AFC East team? I would. Go Oakland.

Jets (-3) at Texans: The Texans are the easiest non-New England team to root for. Easy choice, here. A loss by the Jets would be fantastic.

Colts at Falcons (-5): The Falcons are a big favorite and a Houston win, combined with an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis loss would give the Texans sole possession of the AFC South. Go Atlanta!

Buccaneers at Eagles (-7): The Eagles beat the Jets, lost to the Dolphins, and host the Bills in week 14. They travel to face the Patriots in week 13. This game has no impact on the Patriots, similar to the Washingon/Panthers game, but might as well root for the Eagles and a potential bump in strength of victory for the Patriots.